Doug Chappell is highly experienced in the renovation of buildings that house professional, retail and restaurant businesses. While he has successfully finished many new commercial spaces, he is called on most frequently to renovate or adapt historic spaces that require a special knowledge of classic construction and engineering principles.

Known for his innovative approaches in solving challenging construction issues, Doug is often consulted during the early planning process by clients to help guide the project. Doug’s knowledge of restoration, accepted materials, and the review process, enables him to assist clients with decision making that conform to The City of Frederick’s accepted Historic Preservation Commission guidelines. Equally important is his knowledge of local building codes and Accepted Use.

Doug works with a trusted group of allied tradesmen who are highly experienced and share his attention to construction detail. The vast majority of his worksites are occupied by business owners and their employees. Accordingly, he maintains a clean worksite in an effort to create as little interruption as possible.